June 17, 2022

National Legal Summit and Awards, 2022

We are thrilled to receive the “Law firm of the Year 2022” award from the collaboration of “MIT World Peace University” and the “Human Rights Foundation”, New Delhi


Our Jurist Ms. Nishtha Kansal has received this award on behalf of the Firm. The first vote of thanks goes to our Clients who supported us throughout the journey. Hoping to see such great support in the future also.
Thank you MIT-WPU and Human Rights Foundation for the nominations in the first place and we are thankful to the jury who chose us to become the Law firm of the Year 2022.

We would also take this opportunity to congratulate the other eminent winners from various legal industries including Abhijeet Tople | ATUL JUVLE | Luv Tanwani | Panduranga Acharya | Raj Dev Singh | Subhash Shete | Vivek N. Kuber | Prashant Marathe | Bipin Palekar | Nishant Nayan | ConsultCorp Legal Services

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January 10, 2022

Product Liability

CPA 2019 defines product liability as “the responsibility of a product manufacturer or product seller, of any product or service, to compensate for any harm caused to a consumer by such defective product manufactured or sold or by deficiency in services relating thereto”.

January 5, 2022

Food Licensing in Mumbai

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is an authority to provide FSSAI license to every food business and made compulsory to have a food license before initiating the business. Every food business operator in Mumbai Maharashtra such as the producers, brokers, eateries associated needs to acquire a 14-digit enrolment or a permit number which must be imprinted on Food Packages.

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