Sr. Jurist

Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh

+91 93112 60168


With over 15 years of experience acting for some of India’s major corporations in the knowledge economy, Dr. Gazali is a key adviser to one of the country’s four leading Automobile industries, along with 3 airlines service providers and technology suppliers and customers.

Over the years, he has also advised many Bankers, communications, and technology industry groups around the world, including in Canada & UK on complex issues such as telecommunications interception, data storage, and convergence.

Increasingly, he is advising clients on regulatory issues arising in relation to emerging technology applications. He is brilliant from a technical point of view and hyper-efficient in negotiations.

He is also a Journalist and the host of Asia Times where he has been actively participating in various debates for the welfare of our society.

Area of Expertise

Corporate Laws, Asset Reconstructions, Mutual funds, SEBI. Audits, Investigations, Project Reports, GST, FEMA, FDI, SEBI, Merger, Demerger, Acquisition, Real Estate, Factories Law, Manufacturing Laws, FMCG, Electronic Manufacturings, Food Laws, Legal Metrology, Environmental Laws- E-waste, Civil & Criminal Matters, Writs & SLP’s.

If required then a detailed experience profile can be shared by TYJ on a confidential basis.

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